What You Need To Know About CBD (Cannabidiol) Supplements

If you have not heard of the popular dietary supplement known as cannabidiol (CBD), you must be living under a rock. Over the past several decades, researchers have blown the lid on this wonder-supplement. The results are outstanding! Keep reading to see how it can help you and what’s a reasonable price.

The Truth About CBD

capsulesThere is a lot of horrible information about cannabidiol on the web. After hour of research, I was more confused than when I first heard about it from a friend. I didn’t know what anyone was talking about when they said hemp oil, cbd oil, or cannabis oil. Some sites led me to believe they were all the same while others said they were completely different.

The truth is, the words are interchangeable because all of those terms fall under the subcategory of cannabis. Even though they’re interchangeable, there is a best practice that is used in the industry. When a company says hemp oil, they’re talking about hemp seed oil. If their product says CBD oil and specifies an amount, they’re talking about cannabidiol oil. Not too many companies use the term cannabis oil, but a few do which is confusing. That usually refers to THC oil, which is the more commonly used name. It’s also called marijuana oil or Rick Simpson Oil.

Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson is a marijuana pioneer who claims to have cured his own cancer using homemade marijuana oil. I say claim because his medicating was not monitored or done in a way that we can say for sure that the cannabis oil is what cured him. After he went public with his assertions, he became famous. The method he used to produce his marijuana oil is named after him.

He used a solvent to extract the cannabinoids from the plant material. It’s a cheap method which is easy to do at home, but it’s also dangerous. We recommend you buy your own oil to avoid the danger of blowing up the batch. One spark could set it off because it uses a highly-flammable alcohol solvent.

Here’s the confusing part. You will also see CBD oil advertised as “RSO.” The term usually refers to oil with THC, but some companies use the same extraction method and call their CBD oil RSO. If you get confused, read the fine print or call the company. It’s better to be sure so don’t hesitate to call them.

You can learn more about Rick Simpson Oil here: http://phoenixtears.ca/faq-about-rso/

CO2 Extracted Oil

extraction methodIf you’ve seen CBD in a syringe, you’re looking at a highly concentrated version. It doesn’t have any additives, which is why it’s called “pure.” The industry best practice is to extract it from hemp using CO2. CO2 is used because it’s harmless and doesn’t damage a single cannabinoid during the process, or so they say. I have not seen definitive scientific proof of this, but we’ll take them at their word for now since the test results seem to confirm the existence of multiple cannabinoids.

What separates CO2 extracted oil and Rick Simpson oil is the spectrum of cannabinoids that survive. Test results show that RSO has less cannabinoids than super critically extracted oil. This seems to confirm the assertions that CO2 doesn’t damage cannabinoids and produces a full spectrum oil. If you are not sure which method was used to produce your oil, call the company. Companeis that use supercritical extraction usually proudly display a badge since it’s the best method. Read this article to learn more about supercritical extraction.

Discounted CBD Oil

One of the biggest concerns people have about cannabidiol oil is the price. It’s not cheap which makes it inaccessible for thousands of families. Having to choose between a supplement and paying the electric bill is not fun. If it’s too expensive, then search around for discounts. We always look for discounts before buying a product. It’s so easy to do with the internet standing by ready to serve you information in an instant. One of our favorite companies has discounts on there oil.

Here’s a coupon to get you started: https://orderediblesonline.com/elixinol-coupon-code/

Be Smart

When choosing any supplement, you should always be smart. Don’t buy from any companies that aren’t transparent. If they’re hiding one thing, why would you think they’re not hiding other stuff too? I’ve learned never to trust a company that doesn’t publicize their test results. If their results aren’t public, it’s because they don’t test their CBD. They may tell you otherwise, but don’t believe them.

Any company that spends the money to test their CBD will gladly show you the lab results. The only exception is if the test results come back showing information they want to hide. They will make up reasons why they can’t publicize their results if that happens. Don’t do business with companies with shady practices.

If you don’t know how to read lab results, you can learn here. It’s a good skill to have if you’re serious about your CBD.


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Is Creatine Safe For Everyone?

First we must discuss what creatine actually is and where it comes from. Creatine is a naturally occurring amino acid. It occurs naturally in mammals, including us. Competitive athletes are the main demographic who take this supplement. They generally take 5-10g per day. To get the amount that athletes take, you would have to eat more beef than is generally possible. It does occur naturally in beef, but you would not get 4g with your meal.

To get the amount that athletes take, you would have to eat more beef than is generally possible. It does occur naturally in beef, but you would not get 5g with your meal and you wouldn’t even come close to 10g. To get the amount of creatine that it takes to get the weight and energy gains, you’ll need to take it in its concentrated form. You can buy it at Amazon for $16.99/100 servings.

What You Need To Know

safety of creatinePeople take creatine for a variety of reasons, but mainly to gain strength. Athletes take this supplement because it helps them lift more weight. It helps your muscle fibers absorb more water and also helps them get more effective short bursts of energy. If you are lifting weights, this is one of the best supplements you can take from a strength standpoint.

I’m not going to tell you it’s the best overall, because more studies need to be done on the risks associated with it. If you are looking to get stronger and gain weight, it’ll help you do just that.

You’ll notice yourself gaining weight in just a week or two. If you stay in the gym consistently, you’ll gain a little weight each weak due to your strength gains. You’ll be able to lift more weight after taking creatine consistently, which will help your muscles grow more rapidly.

If you just take cratine and don’t go to the gym, you won’t gain much weight at all. You will gain a little water weight because of how it works, but it won’t be muscle and you won’t be stronger. You will, however, have more stored energy in your muscles in case you need to do a power movement.

This energy will be minimal if you don’t exercise. Creatine basically gives you a little more energy to use for short bursts. Once you start using the energy, you’ll be able to lift more than you could before. If you don’t use the energy, it’ll be just that, energy.

Who Should Consider Taking Creatine

Athletes are the main people who should consider taking this supplement. If you’re an athlete, this is something you’ll have to ponder. It might not be worth the risks if you’re not a compettitive athlete. Surely you’re not playing to lose, but if your sport isn’t paying you, then you might want to reconsider going all out for a rec team. If you are training to one day become a competitive athlete, then this might be something you incorporate into your routine.

If you are not an athlete, this might not be the right supplement for you. The main benefit of creatine is that it leads to increased short burst strength and increased muscle mass. Athletes, including body builders, are some of the only types of people who need this kind of energy. If your lifestyle demands short burst of all out energy, then this is something you should put on your radar.

Before you decide, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to talk with your doctor and read some research papers.

Who Shouldn’t Take It

Anyone looking to lose weight should not ingest creatine. This supplement will help you gain weight, even if you don’t workout. How much weight it will help you gain is dependent upon how you use the extra energy. If you just take it and don’t use the energy, your weight gain will be capped at around 5lbs.

If you have kidney problems, you shouldn’t take it. There are no studies to date that suggest that creatine is especially bad for your kidneys, but supplements in general can be hard on your kidneys. Before deciding on which supplements are safe for you, consult with your regular physicians because your kidney health could be directly effected.



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